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Welcome to our new website!!!!

As of October 1, 2019, we have finally launched our new Kimberly Coleman Law website!!!

As those of you who have asked already know, the old website was destroyed when one of our well-intentioned friends took it upon herself to make changes to the site and publish them, thus deleting all of the great work done by our wonderful web designer and leaving several pages within the site in a state of total disaster...

Now, 3 months later, the old website has been replaced with a new and improved version and we are so excited to have finally crossed the finish line on this project! We believe that a good website is essential for any business that wants to remain competitive. While we did not employ a web designer to build the new site (and Kimberly is not particularly "tech savvy"), we have utilized our very best efforts in building a new website that accurately conveys the character of the firm and the values we deem most important.

In particular, the new website offers the following features:

  • The return of the Kimberly Coleman Law blog, which is updated regularly with topics of interest to our clients, and now includes videos and other multimedia content;

  • Expanded content regarding the philosophy of the firm, Kimberly's bio, and our practice areas; and

  • A new look, feel, and layout which we believe to be an exciting improvement over the old site.

Those of you who have provided feedback on drafts of the site have been interested in the images we have featured on the backgrounds to our pages. Some such images are paper collages, while others depict seemingly random objects arranged in a collage fashion - what, you may ask, could these photos possibly have to do with a family law firm? Well, while the explanation for our choice may be slightly abstract or ethereal, the fact is that the images are a very deliberate effort to convey the uniqueness of Kimberly Coleman Law as a family law firm.

The objects featured in the photos are all items of some significance to Kimberly and/or friends of the firm - all of these items (which include photos, cards, invitations, and objects of sentimental value) evoke a sense of nostalgia and represent the pervasive role that family plays in each of our lives. The photos serve as a reminder of the extent to which family law matters affect every aspect of each client's life, and emphasize the importance of focus, persistence, and dedication in the representation of each client. They serve as a reminder of the what motivates us to give each case the very best of what we have to offer as a law firm.

The paper collages are comprised of various scraps of paper (whether bags, pamphlets, business cards, or wrapping paper) which Kimberly has found and collected over time, arranged in a visually appealing way. Symbolically, the paper collages serve as a reminder that every family law conflict presents an opportunity to put the pieces of your life back together in a way that is satisfying and even enjoyable - with the right tools and resources, what seems broken can be transformed into something quite wonderful.

While we fully expect that some of you are rolling your eyes after reading about our choice of photos, we hope that all of you will proceed to explore our new website anyway. Additionally, we invite all of you to check back regularly for new blog posts.



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