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There are many reasons why people decide to change their names.  Sometimes, people want to change their names after divorcing or becoming widowed.  Other times, they might want to distance themselves from an estranged parent or sibling.  In some cases, people are simply dissatisfied with the names they are given at birth.  Whatever your reasons for seeking a name change in Georgia, the statute governing the process is procedurally quite technical and requires strict compliance in order to obtain a court order granting a petition to change your name.

Anyone can file a petition to change their name or the name of a child of whom they are a parent at any time.  (However, the process of changing a minor’s name is more complicated than that for an adult.)  The primary showing that must be made where a name change is unopposed is that the change is not being sought to obstruct law enforcement activity or to defraud anyone by concealing your true identity.  Notice of the name change petition must also be published for four successive weeks in a local newspaper before the matter will be decided by a court.

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Name Changes