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Child custody disputes are rarely easy to resolve.  As a general rule, parents want what is best for their children, but when parents disagree as to what "best" means, finding a compromise can be quite difficult.

In Georgia, child custody is determined by the “best interests of the child” standard, which judges must follow in making custody-related decision.  O.C.G.A. § 19-9-3 lists a variety of factors for courts to consider when assessing the best interests of a child, including a catch-all provision which allows judges to consider any additional factors deemed to affect the subject child’s best interests.

Often, in child custody contests, experts are necessary to assist the court in making a final decision.  Such experts often include custody evaluators and guardians ad litem.  Where custody experts are appointed, their opinions are likely to carry a lot of weight with the Court.

If you’re facing custody litigation, it is imperative that you seek counsel at the earliest possible opportunity.  An experienced family law attorney can tell you what to expect as you proceed in your case, and can assist you in making a good impression on the Court and the experts involved in your case.  


When faced with potential or pending custody litigation at Kimberly Coleman Law, we work with our clients to understand their views regarding the best interests of their children at the earliest possible opportunity.  Based on those views, we develop realistic goals for the litigation, involving our clients in the process and providing them with the tools and resources they need to achieve them.  No matter how strenuous the process, we do not stop fighting for our clients until we are mutually satisfied that any agreement or Court Order is consistent with the best interests of the children involved.

Whether you’ve been served with a lawsuit concerning custody of your children or you have questions about establishing or modifying child custody, call Kimberly Coleman Law for a consultation. 

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