While the completion of the adoption process is always a joyous milestone for the newly formed family, navigating the process alone is not easy.


Georgia law provides for six types of adoptions as follows:

  • Public/Private Agency Adoption: the state or a private adoption agency places a child with adoptive parents. 

  • Adoption by Third Party: a child is adopted by someone who is not a stepparent or relative, and proceed without the involvement of a public or private agency. 

  • Stepparent/Relative Adoptions: stepparents or relatives who are not the biological parents of a child adopt the child.

  • Adoption by Foreign Decree: a Georgia court recognizes the validity of an adoption of a child which has occurred in another country. 

  • Adult Adoption: an individual over the age of Eighteen (18) is adopted by a stepparent, relative, or third party.

Each of the above avenues for adoption presents a complex series of requirements which will prove much less burdensome with the assistance of an experienced attorney.  Often, those who attempt an adoption while unrepresented by counsel are met with confusion, delay, and a lack of resources to guide them through the process.  Alternatively, many people find themselves so overwhelmed with questions that they do not know where to begin.

If you are looking to pursue an adoption in Georgia or if you have questions about any of the six types of adoption available in this State, contact Kimberly Coleman Law to schedule a consultation.  We have the skills and experience necessary to do the heavy lifting for you and ensure that your adoption proceeds smoothly and efficiently while you focus on the expansion of your family.  

It would be our privilege to handle your adoption and celebrate with you when it’s complete.