I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, where I lived until I went to college at the University of the South (also known as Sewanee) in Sewanee, Tennessee. At Sewanee, I majored in Religion and minored in African American History. I was a member of the Order of Gownsmen and the Theta Kappa Phi sorority. During college, I also had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England.

After graduating college, I received an academic scholarship to Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia.  While at Emory, I was Director of Competitions for the Emory Moot Court Society, received the Arthur K. Bolton award for excellence in brief writing, and was also on the Dean’s List.  

Upon receiving my law degree, I began my career at a boutique law firm which offered creative and effective asset protection and tax minimization strategies for high net worth individuals and their closely held businesses.  Within a few months, I also began representing clients in family law cases, and I successfully tried my first divorce case within Two (2) years of graduating from law school.

During my first few years as a lawyer, I divided my time between family law and other areas, including business litigation and legal malpractice.  I developed my litigation skills while working at a large national law firm, successfully trying multiple cases before both judges and juries under the guidance of highly skilled and experienced litigators.  In 2015, I made the decision to commit 100% of my practice to family law, and continued to develop my skills under the guidance of some of the most highly esteemed family law attorneys in the region until January of 2019 when I officially launched my own firm.

The decision to start my own law practice was an obvious one.  While I had to carefully consider whether I could represent clients effectively without leaning on attorneys who were more experienced or famous than myself, I was driven by the belief that my unique approach to family law could be of value to future clients.  Many divorce lawyers repeatedly warn against becoming a friend or therapist to one’s clients, but I am convinced that playing these roles when necessary is not only unavoidable, but also critical to effective representation.  In my experience, clients embroiled in family law conflicts are not only angry or frustrated, but also vulnerable, scared, and sad about the loss which brings them to my door in the first place.  I can either choose to limit our relationship to litigation strategy and all that it entails (e.g., drafting pleadings, arguing motions, weighing settlement options, and advising clients as to how to behave in a manner that will maximize the chance of success at trial), or I can provide clients with everything they need to turn an unfortunate experience into a worthwhile and valuable one. This firm is built on the conclusion that the latter option is always the right one.

Choosing the latter option requires that I devote more of my time to the development of client relationships.  In order to ensure that each client gets the most out of our representation, I work to identify every issue that needs to be addressed in order to turn a high-conflict situation into a success story.  For example, some clients embroiled in divorce or custody battles need help presenting themselves publicly and on social media in order to guard against being portrayed unfavorably at trial or otherwise.  Some need help finding or decorating a new home. Some need a financial advisor to help them set a budget and adapt their finances appropriately for their next chapter. The list goes on and on.

Obviously, I do not provide every service my clients need independently. However, I do listen well enough and often enough to figure out what services my clients require, and then I tap into the network of individuals in partnership with my firm to find qualified people who will provide the services I cannot.  By developing and implementing customized strategies for navigating family law conflict that go beyond the courtroom, I aim to ensure that the end of every client’s case is also the beginning of a success story.

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