Kimberly Coleman Law is a boutique family law firm located in Atlanta, Georgia, representing clients in all nine counties which comprise “Metro Atlanta” and in Forsyth County. Since officially opening our doors in January of 2019 , Kimberly Coleman has built a firm with an unconventional and modern approach to the practice of family law.


By limiting the number of clients we take on, we maintain the time and resources necessary to develop special relationships with each of them and afford each of their cases the attention, focus, and preparation they deserve.  We create thorough, customized litigation strategies for all of our clients, designed not only to secure a win in court, but also to ensure that each client enters into a next chapter of his or her life which is better than the last. 


Ultimately, we care about each of our clients on a personal level, and we treat them the way we would want to be treated if we found ourselves in their shoes.  We approach each case with the same drive, passion, and focus we would want a lawyer to apply to our own.  And, because the divorce process extends beyond the courtroom, we offer tools and resources to our clients to address their needs beyond the courtroom.


If you want an attorney who will see you as a person rather than the number on a file, call or email today to learn more about how our unconventional approach to the practice of family law can benefit you.  We look forward to speaking with you, and, should you choose to retain us, we look forward to protecting what matters most to you in court while helping you build a better tomorrow for yourself and your children.